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ATA company Group

We are pleased to present our company ATA “the African for Lift Technology” created in Tunisia in 2006.

Our activities are as follows:

  • Supply and installation of passenger lifts
  • Supply and installation of goods lifts
  • Supply and installation of patient lifts
  • Supply and installation of escalators
  • Supply and installation of electric conveyors
  • Maintenance and renovation of all brands of elevators, goods lifts, patient lifts, escalators and electric conveyors.

The strength of our company stems from the experience and ambition of its engineers and technicians and the support of our world-renowned Tunisian partners. Indeed, we represent the brand of elevators
SHANGHAI MITSUBISHI ELEVATOR” whose worldwide reputation is undeniable.

In addition, in this same field of elevators, we also represent the brand “BLT ELEVATOR“.

In order to satisfy a new need in terms of elevation, namely villa elevators, since April 2010 we have represented the “IGV” brand leader in this field by the reference “DOMUSLIFT”.

Since 2016, we have expanded our business area in West Africa, and we established our subsidiary “ATA CI” in Abidjan, Niger in 2018 and “ATASN” in Senegal in 2021.

Having noticed a need from our customers for the finishing works of their constructions, we have developed the following activities:

Supply and installation of false ceilings and partition walls in plasterboard BA13

  • Supply and installation of aluminum carpentry and shower cabins
  • Supply and installation of tiles
  • Turnkey finishing works

We therefore invite you to consult us in order to have the pleasure of assisting you, advising you and having you try and provide our products and services.

Houssem Turki